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The Company

ValueMetrix AB was founded in Stockholm in 2002 by a group of senior management consultants.

The founders have a unique expertise from measuring and analysing customer, employee, investor, and other stakeholder attitudes and how they link to a company's financial performance and shareholder value.

Additional development of the ValueMetrix approach and the software needed to apply the approach in a corporate environment, has been done in co-operation with independent partners, such as strategy consultants, data collection experts and software developers.

We now have a flexible, efficient, and carefully tested software that successfully has been used in a broad range of industries and countries and also in other types of professional activities, such as public administration and non-governmental organisations.

We are pleased to be able to offer the ValueMetrix approach including the software and and our broad experience to both client organisations and consulting partners.

Stockholm's Old Town in focus

The company is located in Stockholm.

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